Services Available

 Contact/ Customer Service Centre & Support Units

  • Best Practice Benchmarking / Performance Analysis 
  • Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Reduction in Unwanted Calls
  • Self Service Adoption and Completion Success Rates
  • Implementation of Virtual Assistants* (see details below)
  • Web Chat and E-mail management
  • Live Chat Integration - seamless handover
  • Employee Engagement Improvement
  • Interim Management
  • Homeworking Implementation

 * Virtual Adviser - Natural Language Avatar

  • Understand your business opportunities for an internet based customer facing Avatar to

          - drive customer self-service success rates

          - increase on line sales completion

          - enhance your customers' satisfaction with web services

          - reduce your operating cost to serve

  • Understand your business opportunities for intranet based employee facing Avatar to

          - centralise an easily accessible and maintainable knowledge base

          - provide immediate answers to customer queries

          - increase adviser confidence

          - reduce off line training time

          - reduce customer "on hold" waiting time and overall call handling time

          - increase employee engagement/satisfaction levels

  • Business case creation
  • Benefit Analysis
  • System sourcing**
  • Implementation project management
  • Create post implementation VA maintenance & editorial team
** Rubicon BPI has a Technology Partner Agreement with three of the leading suppliers of Virtual Technology in Europe and the UK (see Partners page for more details)

 All Industry/Businesses

  • Revised Target Operating Models and Business Case Creation
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Improvement Initiative Delivery / Project Management
  • BPI Team creation and implementation
  • BPI Governance and Documentation (Bespoke to your business)

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